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corporate form of business organization


corporate form of business organization 1. Which one of the following is a privately held corporation? a. Intel b. General Electric c. Caterpillar Inc. d. Cargill Inc. 2. The dominant form of business organization in the United States in terms of dollar sales volume, earnings, and employees is a. the sole proprietorship. b. the partnership. c. the corporation. d. not known. 3. Under the corporate form of business organization a. a stockholder is personally liable for the debts of the corporation. b. stockholders’ acts can bind the corporation even though the stockholders have not been appointed as agents of the corporation. c. the corporation’s life is stipulated in its charter. d. stockholders wishing to sell their corporation shares must get the approval of other stockholders. 4. Stockholders of a corporation directly elect a. the president of the corporation. b. the board of directors. c. the treasurer of the corporation. d. all of the employees of the corporation. 5. The chief accounting officer in a company is known as the a. controller. b. treasurer. c. vice-president. d. president. Business Assignment Help, Business Homework help, Business Study Help, Business Course Help


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