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Controls that focus on desired targets


Controls that focus on desired targets 1. __________ assist line units, but the focus of their actions is on linking the firm to the environment and buffering internal operations. a) Internal command and control units b) External command and control units. c) Bureaucratic units. d) Internal staff units e) External staff units. 2. __________ is the set of mechanisms used to keep actions or outputs within predetermined limits. a) Organization. b) Leading. c) Control. d) Supervision. e) Planning. 3. Controls that focus on desired targets and allow managers to use their own methods for reaching defined targets are called __________. a) process controls. b) output controls. c) turnout controls. d) production controls. e) methods controls. 4. Most modern organizations use __________ as part of an overall method of managing by exception. a) methods controls. b) turnout controls. c) process controls. d) output controls. e) production controls. 5. __________ attempt to specify the manner in which tasks are to be accomplished. a) Process controls. b) Output controls. c) Turnout controls. d) Production controls. e) Methods controls. Economics Assignment Help, Economics Homework help, Economics Study Help, Economics Course Help


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