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Computer Science Homework help


Computer Science Homework help “Developing a Website” Please respond to the following: • Examine the differences between a linear and augmented linear structure. Examine the differences between hierarchical and linear structures. Explain why a coherent structure is necessary. Provide examples of when each of these structures might be implemented. • Identify a type of organization.bank, grocery store, travel site, pet store, etc.. Imagine that you have been hired to design a Website for this organization. Select the type of structure that you would use and explain why. Utilizing Storyboards” Please respond to the following: • Describe some of the characteristics of a well-designed storyboard. Predict the impact that a poorly developed storyboard could have on a Website. • From the e-Activity identify the name of the article that you read and summarize the author’s main points. Determine how the information changes, benefits, or adds value to the current standard Computer Science Assignment Help, Computer Science Homework help, Computer Science Study Help, Computer Science Course Help


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