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COMP/108 COMP108 COMP 108 Week 6 Presentation of Project


COMP 108 Week 6 Presentation of Project 6-2: Presentation of Project Purpose To assess your ability to demonstrate Your Knowledge of a Database in an Oral Presentation. ________________________________________ Overview This assignment has two purposes: 1. to clarify any problems that you may have had with your database and to put all of the individual pieces of a database into one cohesive package for you, and 2. to enhance your presentation skills. ________________________________________ Action Items 1. Contact your instructor to establish a time for your presentation and post that time on the course Discuss Board. In your posting invite the rest of the class to your presentation. The invitation should make them really want to attend. Your instructor will coordinate the times of the presentations. 2. You will present your database in a PowerPoint presentation that was created for the final project, in the virtual classroom, using theMeet tool (online) or in class (face-to-face). 3. You will want to visit the virtual classroom prior to the presentations and make sure that your audio is working. The link for this classroom is available as a button at the top of this assignment container. (online only) 4. You will need to create a PowerPoint set of slides to use during the presentation (8-10 slides total). The slides and a copy of your database file should be put into a zip file and uploaded using the Submit tool by the presentation deadline. You should also e-mail these to the instructor (in a zip file) at least one hour before the presentations begin so that s/he can load these on the virtual classroom Whiteboard in the Meet tool (online) or on the main computer in the classroom (face-to-face). Your instructor may want to “share” your database with other participants using the application sharing feature of the virtual classroom. 5. The presentation is to be limited to approximately 8-10 minutes and should include: • An overview of the database • An introduction, body, and summary sections • Focus on one Object in the database • Discussion on where the greatest difficulties were encountered • What you would do differently if you had the time, based on comments given by professor, etc. 6. Each student must also be present for at least two (2) presentations other than that given by him or her. Your instructor may ask you to fill out a critique form for this purpose. 7. Credit will not be awarded for this assignment if the student is not present and attentive for at least two (2) other presentations. If you have a time conflict contact your instructor in time to get it resolved. ________________________________________ Grading Rubric • Content: Student presented the workbook and highlighted one area of difficulty: 0 – 10 points • Student demonstrated knowledge of the functions of Excel (e.g., correctly answered the questions): 0 – 6 points • Presentation was professional and within the stated guidelines (not including the questions): 0 – 5 points • Student asked at least two questions on other attended presentations: 0 – 4 points


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