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COMP/108 COMP108 COMP 108 Week 5 Assignment


COMP 108 Week 5 Assignment Putting it All Together Purpose To assess your ability to: • Identify Good Database Design. • Create an Entire Database With Tables, Queries, Forms, and Reports. • Demonstrate Your Knowledge of a Database in an Oral Presentation. • Create a Table and Define Fields in a New Database. • Modify Existing Tables. • Create Table Relationships. • Change Data Types. • Create a Lookup Field. • Set Field Properties. • Create a Query in Design View. • Specify Criteria in a Query. • Use Compound Criteria. • Create a Query Based on More Than One Table. • Use Calculated Fields in a Query. • Use Aggregate Functions in a Query. • Create a Parameter Query. • Create and Use a Form to Add and Delete Records. • Modify a Form in layout View and in Design View. • Create a Report by Using the Blank Report Tool and the Report Wizard. • Create a Form in Design View. • Format a Form. • Make a Form User Friendly. • Create Validation Rules and Validation Text. • Create a Switchboard with Buttons to Open the Database. ________________________________________ Action Items 1. First, you need to choose one of the following databases to create. Each database option contains a list of all of the components that must be included in your completed database. These projects are roughly equivalent in difficulty. Database Information – Dentist Office OR Database Information – Superheros OR Database Information – Pet vet 2. Complete steps 1 through 9 as outlined in each of the project files. 3. Submit your database file to the drop box by the stated deadline. ________________________________________ Submission Instructions • Upload your Access database file using the Submit tool by the stated deadline. ________________________________________ Grading Rubric • Database includes all requirements stated in the description file referenced above: 0 – 55 points


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