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COM 339 Week 3 Learning Team Assignment Electronic Media Presentation


COM 339 Week 3 Learning Team Assignment Electronic Media Presentation Choose two of the following types of electronic media: · Radio · Sound recording · Motion pictures · Broadcast television Research the history of the media types your team selected. Include the following information in your presentation: · Notable founders and parent organizations of your electronic media types · Notable historical dates o Dates of mergers with other radio stations, record production companies, motion picture companies, or television networks to form a large media conglomerate o Date the media types launched their websites, became active on the Internet, or became active in social media integration · Identify past, present, and future challenges confronting these types of media. How has the digital era affected them? Which types are best suited to adapt to the future? Explain why. · How do these challenges affect advertising in these organizations—outside companies advertising—and advertising for these media—companies promoting themselves to others? What are innovative advertising strategies these media have engaged in? · What are two similarities and two differences between the two media types? Present your Electronic Media Presentation. · For Local Campus students, these are 5- to 7-minute oral presentations accompanied by Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentations Ask a question


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