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COM 320 Week 4 Individual Assignment Observation Paper


COM 320 Week 4 Individual Assignment Observation Paper Visit a restaurant, movie theater, park, shopping mall, or other public venue and observe individual verbal and nonverbal behaviors. Observe people for at least 1 hour in one of these public settings, and take copious notes regarding both the verbal and nonverbal meaning behind the behaviors. Prepare a 700- to 1,050-word paper describing your observations, the body of the paper should address the following questions: o Analyze the ways individuals communicated with space. Did they tend to violate the personal space of others, or maintain more than usual distance from people with whom they communicated? o What does clothing, jewelry, and material possessions reveal about a person? o What did the overall appearances of individuals reveal about the formality or context of the situation? o Was the verbal and nonverbal communication congruent? o How did other nonverbal behaviors affect your perceptions of a person? o Include at least TWO academic / scholarly sources (in addition to your textbook) found through the UPHX library. Failure to include these sources is an automatic 10 point deduction. The introduction of the paper must describe the location, time, and day, and preview the remainder of paper. Try to use concepts from the readings to show clear understanding of weekly readings. Address the following question in your conclusion: What is the most valuable lesson learned from this observation? As always, format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.


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