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COM 295 Final Exam


COM 295 Final Exam Vanessa has been assigned the task of creating an effective business message aimed at improving the productivity of the employees in her company. In the process of creating the business message, she studies the background of the employees, their needs, and priorities. To which step of the planning process for developing influential messages does Vanessa’s action typically belong? Idea development Message review Message structuring Audience analysis ———————————————————-Gregor, who works at a textbook company, has put together a presentation proposing that the company save money by getting its images from less expensive stock photo sites. Gregor needs to present his idea to the executive committee. Considering the content of his presentation, which of the following people on the committee should he most try to influence? The design director The marketing director The production editor The editorial director ———————–Which of the following facilitates a one-stop work space containing project and meeting information, shared files, and communication platforms? texting written messages social networking Webinar ———————————————-Rick is trying to schedule a video teleconference with colleagues at several locations. To do so, he needs to coordinate their schedules and also check to see if the company needs to invest in any additional resources to make it happen. By addressing coordination and resource issues, he is dealing with: constraint immediacy richness Control ———————–The career summary section of a résumé should provide the candidate’s major accomplishments, abilities, and attributes objective for the job search memberships, awards, certifications and licensure, and activities list of personal references ——————————Your coworker LaRita has asked you to review her slide presentation. You notice that it is difficult to recognize and process the most important ideas and information. To help her fix this, what will you recommend that she change? She should choose dark backgrounds and text colors. She should include a compelling image every few slides. She should limit her text to five words per line and three to four lines per slide. She should use bold or italics to highlight key ideas. __________________ Which of the following is a trait of individualists? They tend to follow the perceived dreams and goals of the group as a matter of duty. They communicate directly to efficiently deal with work tasks and outcomes. They stay in relationships even when they are no longer mutually satisfying. They tend to stay in contact with and work through extended networks. -_—————————– Lori is using secondary research to develop a business report. How can she write her report in a way that demonstrates originality in thought? Use the most current documentation guidelines Cite all her research sources Generate her own conclusions and recommendations Adopt a methodical approach to decision making ———————————- A mistake that many job applicants make while creating résumés is: neglecting to include areas they need to improve on highlighting only a few of their abilities and attributes forgetting to include their hobbies and other interests trying to display everything they do well ———————In order to design your slides to facilitate ease of processing, you should: use complex charts for complex information use at least one compelling image on every slide limit your text to ten words per line provide as much information as possible on every slide ————————– _____ is the process of converting meaning into me


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