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COM/156 COM156 COM 156 Week 9 Research Paper


COM 156 Week 9 Research Paper Writea 1,450- to 1,700-word research paper. Include the following elements in your research paper: • Title page • Introduction with a thesis statement • Body paragraphs with supporting evidence, including in-text citations • Conclusion • Reference list of citations containing at least three to five sources–at least two from the University Library Review the University of Phoenix Material: Final Project Overview and Timeline to ensure you have completed every step required for the final project. Use the University of Phoenix Material: Proofreading Checklist to proofread your final draft. If you cannot answer yes to an item in the proofreading checklist, revise your paper accordingly. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. Post your final completed research paper as an attachment. Review the additional resources from the Center for Writing Excellence for further support: • Applying Critical Thinking Principles to your Writing


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