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COM/155 COM155 COM 155 Week 8 Revision Practice Assignment 2


COM 155 week 8 Revision Practice Assignment 2 Revision Practice : Resources: WritePointSM and the Plagiarism Checker in the Center for Writing Excellence, located under the Library tab of the student website Submit your draft essay to WritePointSM and the Plagiarism Checker. Download your WritePointSM results and save the Microsoft® Word document to your computer. If necessary, open the document and move to the end of the WritePointSMfeedback. Paste your Plagiarism Checker results into the same Microsoft® Word document as the WritePointSM results. Analyze the feedback provided by the WritePointSM and Plagiarism Checker reports. Write a paragraph of 150 to 300 words that includes the following: • A summary of the revision and editing changes is recommended. Explain how editing and revising differ and each process’s role in writing. Examine the following questions and provide examples to support each response: • Does each topic sentence directly address the thesis as well as state the topic? • Does each paragraph have an effective closing that reinforces the main point? • Is the essay coherent? Does it flow from beginning to end? • Is the order of the support logical and effective? • Does the essay provide strong evidence to support any opinions? • Does the essay reflect on the evidence and explain its importance? • Does the essay use strong transitions between sentences and between paragraphs? • Include a summary of the next steps you will take in the revision process and the editing process. Explain your rationale for your revision choices. Post the paragraph, the WritePointSM review, and the Plagiarism Checker report in one single Microsoft® Word attachment. Review the additional writing resources from the Center for Writing Excellence for further support: • “Transitions” • “Sentence Variety” • Grammar Girl: “Tips for Editing and Revising” • Grammar Girl: “How to Use Transition Words”


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