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Conduct research and find a company that posts its code of ethics (also called a code of conduct) on their website. Read and analyze this code and do the following: 1. Identify 5 Key elements of the code that you believe are key foundations for the ethics and character of the company 2. Tell me what the 5 elements are and for each element, tell me why they are important and what ethical or positive and socially responsible behavior they drive 3. For each element tell me why it is socially responsible and ethical and what the benefit to the company, the employees and society as a whole results from the company embracing and implementing these guidelines 4. Please include at least a one paragraph explanation of why it’s important that a company have a code of ethics / conduct and what the benefits are to the company and employees and society. 5. Tell me what theory of ethics you think the chosen code follows most closely and why. 6. This paper will have a word requirement of 800 to 1100 words Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. Business Management Assignment Help, Business Management Homework help, Business Management Study Help, Business Management Course Help


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