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Code of Conduct


a 1-2 page paper, complete Part 1. Part 1: Code of Conduct Create a code of conduct policy for your business. This assignment does not have to be submitted, but it must be included in the Final Modified Business Plan (see Part 2). Assignment Checklist: 1. Prepare a framework, using concepts and values, for your Code of Conduct 2. Incorporate any legal, social and ethical principles under which you would want your organization to operate 3. Examine your Code to make sure that it will be operable and will empower stakeholders to make ethical decisions Part 2: Final Modified Business Plan: Put the following assignment content from previous units in order to create your final business plan then submit it before the end of Unit 9 with a Title page in a Word document in APA format (please use the template provided). Title Page Business Description: (from Unit 1) You will describe the vision, mission, and the type of structure your business will take. In addition, describe, as the leader, how you will manage the business in order to realize the vision and achieve optimal performance. Code of Conduct: (from Unit 9 – above assignment) Market Plan: (from Unit 3) This part includes the SWOT Analysis Operations: (from Unit 4) This discusses the daily operations of your particular business. • If you are in a production environment, please provide detailed instructions on how you plan to manufacture your product. • If you are a service-based business, please explain the business flow of how you plan to service your client base. • Please evaluate how economics, the government, and laws could affect value creation from a global context. Information Technology: (from Unit 7) • Determine the information technology used in the business • Develop the information technology plan for managing and controlling information Financials: (from Unit 5 Assignment) • Discuss and show the cost associated with starting your company and show a pricing model for your product or service. • Include a Balance Sheet for three years; show funding resources, and then how you plan to obtain the start-up finances. • Create a Break-even Analysis. • Develop a detailed Excel spreadsheet for this section and an Executive Summary in Word explaining the spreadsheet. Cash Flow Analysis: (from Unit 6) • Identify the components needed in cash flow statements. • Explain the benefits of cash-flow analysis and any problems that could arise if not conducted. • Use Excel or other spreadsheet software to create a cash flow statement for the third year. Management Summary: (from Unit 8) • The management summary (management plan) provides information on the management team, detailing knowledge, skills, and abilities. The management summary provides loan officers, investors, and potential partners with important information on the management and management philosophy. In addition, loan officers and investors might request resumes of the key personnel in the organization


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