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CMGT/578 CMGT578 CMGT 578 Week 6 Learning Team Assignment


CMGT 578 Week 6 Learning Team Assignment: IT Strategy Report Using one of the cases studies in the text or one the team identifies on its own, prepare the following key sections: • Strategy identification: What was the strategy? What problem or opportunity was being addressed in the case? • Evaluation: How well do you think the strategy was proposed and/or executed? • Recommendations: What improvements could you offer as an IT leader managing the strategy for the situation covered by the case? Consider time, cost, human capital, and the current IT status within the organization. • Maintenance and tracking: How would you specifically maintain the plan through the duration covered by the time span, and how would you specifically track progress made by the efforts within the strategic plan? Demonstrate writing standards required for Master’s Level I, located in the Writing & Style Guidelines in the Center for Writing Excellence. Finalize your 8- to 10-page report. Include at least 4 academic, scholarly peer-reviewed sources to support your findings. Submit your assignment using the Assignment Files tab.


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