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CMGT 554 Week 4 Assignment 2


CMGT 554 Week 4 Assignment 2 Assignment Preparation: Activities include completing the Skillsoft® courses, the reading review, independent student reading, and research. Complete the “ERP and Its Benefits” topic of lesson “Introducing SAP” of the Skillsoft® course “Overview of SAP Solutions.” Complete the “Resource Management” topic of lesson “SAP CRM Marketing” of the Skillsoft®course “SAP Customer Relationship Management.” Note. Click on the SkillSoft link and copy/paste the title of the course into the search box and specify “Courses” from the drop down menu. Review Ch. 10 of Information Technology for Management: Advancing Sustainable, Profitable Business Growth. Assignment: Resource: Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Networking Virtual Organization, or, an organization you are familiar with that you can research to discover the cabling, network equipment, and structure Identify options for improving the current systems (including ERP, CRM and big data), and additions to the systems. Prepare a 1000 word minimum recommendation to your CIO that analyzes the usefulness of your identified improvement options and system additions. Analysis is composed of breaking the issue into parts and describing how the parts relate to each other and to the whole issue.


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