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CMGT/430 CMGT430 CMGT 430 WEEK 4 Learning Team


CMGT 430 WEEK 4 Learning Team Learning Team: Draft of the Enterprise Security Plan and Presentation The CEO of your selected organization has requested an enterprise security plan from your team. An enterprise security plan is more than just a list of vulnerabilities and risks. It must present them in a meaningful way along with suggestions for specific steps to mitigate each of the most important vulnerabilities or risk pairs it finds. The organization would like you to present an enterprise security plan to their Board of Directors. This week your team will draft two deliverables¬, an enterprise security plan and a presentation. Part 1 Compile a full draft of the final enterprise security plan document. This will not be complete, but will have at least a short paragraph about each major section of the paper, including the suggested controls. Use the introduction and conclusion as an executive summary of the entire paper’s content. Research at least eight sources that validate the choices made in the paper. This must go beyond basic definitions. The sources can be changed in the final week, if needed. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. Part 2 Draft an 8- to 10-slide presentation on the findings in the Enterprise Security Plan to present to senior management. Keep the slides concise. Include detailed speaker notes for the presentation. Also include the revised table you have been developing over the last few weeks. Use any slide presentation software of your choice. Submit a draft of both the enterprise security plan and slide presentation to the Assignment File tabs above.


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