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CIT 245 CIT245 CIT/245 WEEK 5 Individual: Independent Lab


CIT 245 WEEK 5 Individual: Independent Lab Complete the following tasks on switch S1 using the Toolwire® lab “Build Your Own Lab in a 4 Router WAN Topology”: 1. Initial settings • Set the hostname to NYOffice2960 • Set the privileged EXEC password to Cisco1 using the most secure method • Require CiscoCon1 as the password when connecting through the console • Require the password CiscoVTY$ to connect to VTY 0 • Require the password CiscoVTY# to connect to VTY 1-4 • Prevent access through the remaining VTY lines (5-15) • Message of the day banner: You have connected to the NYOffice2960 switch. • Interface descriptions: o FastEthernet 0/1 – Router1 o FastEthernet 0/2 – PC 2. Port settings • Configure port Fa0/6 to 10Mbps • Configure port Fa0/7 to half duplex • Configure the VLAN1 interface with the following IP address: and a mask of • Configure the switch to use as the default gateway 3. VLANs and trunk settings • Create VLAN5: name Engineering • Create VLAN6: name Research • Configure FastEthernet 0/3 and 0/4 members of VLAN5 • Configure FastEthernet 0/5 and 0/6 members of VLAN6 • Manually designate Fa0/1 as trunk port • Allow VLAN 1 only on trunk port 4. Port security • Shut down interfaces Fa0/7-0/24 and Gi0/1-2 • Secure port the PC is connected: o Learn and maintain MAC from PC o Violation: protect o Maximum connections: 1 5. Determine and use appropriate commands to verify configuration and correct any problems found. Do the following at a minimum: • Ping the PC from the switch 6. Save your changes to startup-config file Create a Microsoft® Word document which includes the following: • Include the final configuration file for switch S1. Use the “show running-config” command to display your final configuration file. Copy and paste this information into the Microsoft® Word document. • Include output of key ‘show’ and ‘ping’ commands validating configuration. Copy and paste output information in the Microsoft® Word document. Submit your assignment using the Assignment Files tab. Computer Science Assignment Help, Computer Science Homework help, Computer Science Study


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