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CIS/539 CIS539 CIS 539 Week 5 Midterm


CIS 539 Week 5 Midterm • Question 1 To handle high-traffic web requests, sites use a technique known as _____________, to share the requests across multiple servers. • Question 2 Which of the following is not an advantage of virtual memory: • Question 3 Which of the following is an advantage of SSO: • Question 4 General guidelines for “green computing” include which of the following: • Question 5 The advantages to using a social media tool for collaboration include the following: • Question 6 ____________ describes the technologies and protocols that combine to enable a user to bring security credentials across different security domains (different servers running potentially different operating systems). • Question 7 Which of the following is not a disadvantage of cloud-based storage: • Question 8 Many SaaS solutions are __________, which means that behind the scenes customers may share computing resources. • Question 9 Which of the following are advantages of SaaS solutions: • Question 10 Which of the following is an advantage of an IaaS: • Question 11 Most cloud-based backup facilities provide which of the following capabilities: • Question 12 Advantages of cloud-based storage include which of the following: • Question 13 Ways to access cloud-based data storage include: • Question 14 Which of the following is not an advantage of Wikis for collaboration: • Question 15 Which of the following lead to the high costs of operating an IT data center: • Question 16 ______________ uses hardware and software to create the illusion that two or more entities are present, when there is only one physical entity in existence. • Question 17 Which of the following is an advantage of an IDaaS: • Question 18 Common cloud deployment models include: • Question 19 To reduce user-management costs, companies are now moving to ___________ solutions: • Question 20 _____________ is the name of the Google’s PaaS: • Question 21 _____________ solutions provide a collection of hardware and software resources that developers can use to build and deploy applications within the cloud. • Question 22 _____________ describes the abstraction of web-based computers, resources, and services that system developers can utilize to implement complex web-based systems. • Question 23 _____________ is a term used to describe the set of tools and websites that allow users to publish content to the web without the direct use of HTML. • Question 24 A(n) _____________ solution makes all of the computing hardware resources available, and the customers, in turn, are responsible for installing and managing the systems, which they can normally do over the Internet. • Question 25 _____________ a complete software application with a user interface. Computer Science Assignment Help, Computer Science Homework help, Computer Science Study Help, Computer Science Course Help


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