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CIS/525 CIS525 CIS 525 Week 1 Discussion


CIS 525 Week 1 Discussion “An Agile-focused Mind-set in Project Management” Please respond to the following: • Read the following two (2) articles: “The Scrum Guide,” located here and “Core Scrum,” located here. You may also view the articles at http://www.scrumguides.org and https://www.scrumalliance.org/why-scrum/core-scrum-values-roles. Contrast the role of a Scrum Master and the role of a project manager in relation to a project. Support your response with two (2) real-world examples of the roles of scrum masters and project managers. • Watch the video titled, “Agile Product Development” located in Section 1.09 of Module 1 in MindEdge. Provide one (1) example of how you would use agile project management methodology in product development. Determine whether or not you would treat software product development differently than non-software product development. Provide a rationale for your response.


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