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CIS 517 CIS517 CIS/517 Week 11 Pre Assessment


CIS 517 Week 11 Pre Assessment Q: Which of the following is the process of identifying quality requirements and/or standards for the project and product and documenting how the project will demonstrate compliance? Q: John is the project manager of the NHQ project for his company. His project has 75 stakeholders, some of which are external to the organization. John needs to ensure that he communicates about risk in the most appropriate method for the external stakeholders. Which project management plan will be the best guide for him to communicate to the external stakeholders? Q: Your organization uses the critical chain method for project scheduling and network analysis. In the execution of the project, some of the tasks are slipping off the project schedule. You examine the delays and compare the buffer needed with the buffer remaining. If you need to make adjustments, you’ll be using which technique? Q: Tom is a PMP candidate but he has not completed all of the project management training to complete his PMP application. Which of the following reasons best describes why the PMP candidate must provide accurate information in regards to the PMP certification? Q: Which of the following management term best defines how many work periods an activity is expected to last? Q: Henry is the project sponsor of the JQ Project and Nancy is the project manager. Henry has asked Nancy to start the risk identification process for the project, but Nancy insists that the project team be involved in the process. Why should the project team be involved in the risk identification? Q: You are the project manager for your organization and you’re gathering project requirements for a customer’s project to create a new warehouse. In your requirements gathering, you communicate to the project customer and the project team that the requirements need to be accurate and documented. In the process of gathering requirements, how do you start when you have enough information about a project requirement to begin execution? Q: What is the primary purpose of a project kick-off meeting? Q: Which of the following process groups involves coordinating people and resources, as well as integrating and performing the activities of the project in accordance with the project management plan? Q: Which of the following staffing management plan factors is described in the statement below? “It helps promote and reinforce desired behaviors of team members.” Q: Which of the following terms is described in the statement given below? “It is a structured, independent review to determine whether project activities comply with the organizational and project policies, processes, and procedures.” Q: You are coaching Mark, a project team leader, on project management. He is curious to all of the things you are required to include in the project scope statement. All of the following are documented in the project scope statement except for which one? Q: You have been assigned recently as the Project Manager for a project that is already underway and involves deployment of a new software application to all your organization’s users. You have begun formulating a plan for managing risks throughout the project. Which of the following will NOT serve you as an input? Q: Debra is the project manager for the HJK Project of her company. The project was to install and implement a technology on to the network. Her project has been performing well, but the technology is no longer needed by the company. Management has decided that her project should be terminated. What should Debra do now with her project? Q: Zach is the project manager of the MNH Project for his organization. Within the project there are several problems that Zach is trying to identify their causes, so that the project team can resolve the issue. Zach has noticed that whenever maintenance on certain pieces of equipment are performed there are defects within the project deliverables that use that equipment with


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