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CIS 513 CIS513 CIS/513 Week 11 Final Exam


CIS 513 Week 11 Final Exam • Question 1 What is the purpose of a guard band? • Question 2 What is the disadvantage of an 802.11a WLAN compared to an 802.11b WLAN? • Question 3 The RF modulation techniques used for 802.15.3c are variations of which of the following? • Question 4 In active scanning, what does the client do initially to start the association process? • Question 5 Which of the following is NOT a 802.15.3c PHY layer enhancement? • Question 6 What do 802.11n devices employ to direct a transmission back to the device from which a frame was received? • Question 7 Which layer in a ZigBee device is responsible for detecting the presence of an RF signal in the currently selected channel? • Question 8 Which of the following is NOT a Bluetooth error correction scheme? • Question 9 Which of the following is a function performed by MAC management frames? • Question 10 Bluetooth 1.x uses a variation of which modulation technique? • Question 11 What is the last frame sent to successfully conclude a client’s attempt to associate using active scanning? • Question 12 What is the maximum radio configuration for 802.11n devices? • Question 13 What is the list of devices called that an AP sends in a beacon that indicates which clients have buffered frames waiting? • Question 14 What application has UWB been used for since the 1960’s? • Question 15 Which of the following is true about client’s associating with an AP? • Question 16 Which radio band does the 802.15.3c standard use? • Question 17 Which field of the PLCP frame indicates how long in microseconds the data portion of the frame is? • Question 18 What is the period of time devices must wait after the medium is clear before attempting to transmit? • Question 19 What 802.11n mode of operation is referred to as greenfield? • Question 20 How many non-overlapping channels are available in an 802.11g WLAN? • Question 21 Which transmission technique is used by Bluetooth devices? • Question 22 Which of the following is NOT an HR WPAN feature provided by the 802.15.3 MAC layer? • Question 23 Which of the following is NOT a field in a Bluetooth frame? • Question 24 What term is used for the technique in which the amplitude, polarity, or position of an analog pulse represents either a 1 or a 0? • Question 25 Which feature of Bluetooth version 1.2 allows Bluetooth networks to coexist with 802.11 networks with a minimum of interference? • Question 26 With which channel access method does the AP ask each computer if it wants to transmit? • Question 27 Which HT operation mode is used when one or more non-HT devices are associated with an HT AP and supports devices at 20 or 40 MHz? • Question 28 Which part of an 802.15.3 superframe is used for association and command communication? • Question 29 Which of the following is NOT true about WLAN power management? • Question 30 How many channels and what is the width of each 802.15.3c channel? Computer Science Assignment Help, Computer Science Homework help, Computer Science Study Help, Computer Science Course Help


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