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CIS 512 Final Exam


CIS 512 Final Exam ____ is a disk storage technique that improves performance and fault tolerance. A limited-purpose server is sometimes called a “____.” The ____ represents units of work application software performs in terms of its demand for low-level hardware services. ____ make forwarding decisions by using layer 2 addresses. The ____ layer includes communication protocols used by programs that make and respond to high-level requests for network services. ____ describes any architecture in which software running on a CPU accesses secondary storage devices in the same computer. The resources consumed by resource allocation procedures are sometimes referred to as ____. ____ is the process of determining or verifying the identity of a user or process owner. ____ is a Web-based architectural approach in which users interact via a Web browser or other Web-enabled view layer with application software provided by a third party. A(n) longer-term power sag that is often caused by the power provider is known as a ____. ____ mode uses a single shared channel, and each node takes turns using the transmission line to transmit and receive. A(n) ____ searches an object code file for external function calls. The ____ composes the majority of an RFP. SMTP was extended by the ____ protocol to allow including nontext files in e-mail messages. The term ____ describes middleware that stores the name and network address of distributed resources, responds to directory queries, accepts directory updates, and synchronizes replicated or distributed directory copies. In DCE, the security server issues security “____” to each party that are exchanged to verify identities. A secondary storage region, called the ____, is reserved for the task of storing pages not held in memory. In general, the humidity level of a room containing computer equipment should be near ____%. Long-distance telecommunication providers use FDM to multiplex single-mode optical fibers, an application commonly called ____. IP accepts messages called ____ from Transport-layer protocols and forwards them to their destination. In UNIX, the ____ privilege allows a user or process to alter a file’s contents or delete it altogether. In accounting, ____ is the process of examining records to determine whether generally accepted accounting principles were applied correctly in preparing financial reports. A ____ is a measure of computer system performance while executing one or more processing tasks. In a single communication channel a ____ wire completes an electrical circuit between sending and receiving devices. ____ describes techniques for splitting data transfer capacity into time slices and allocating them to multiple users. The ____ contains a sequential set of file records, one for each file in the volume. The VoIP user perceives ____ as periods of silence mixed with overlapped voice signals. The ____ standard divides frequency bands in the 5.2, 5.7, and 5.8 GHz ranges into 12 channels. In a single communication channel a ____ wire carries data. With lower-level protocols, server addresses are stored in client configuration files or ____.


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