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CIS 510 Week 5 Midterm


CIS 510 Week 5 Midterm Which of the following principles of project management defines and controls the functions that are to be included in the system? The term “____” means that work activities are done once, then again, and yet again. Which of the following indicates the current date and percentage of work completed for each task? A ____ describes the purpose of the new system, the potential start and completion dates, and the key stakeholders and sponsors of the new system. Which of the following is a responsibility of the project manager from an external perspective? The term “____” refers to a business professional who uses analysis and design techniques to solve business problems using information technology. A(n) ____ is a graphical description of process logic that uses lines organized like branches of a tree. During a fact-finding interview, an important guideline is ____. The most important role of a systems analyst in business is ____. Rocky Mountain Outfitters would like to further distribute business applications across multiple locations and computer systems, reserving the data center for Web server, database, and telecommunications functions. This is an example of ____. The ____ is a sequence of tasks that cannot be delayed without causing the project to be completed late. ____ are normally described in terms of the influences that can change the financial statements, either by decreasing costs or increasing revenues. Which of the following principles of project management identifies all stakeholders? The objective of the design phase is to ____. ____ is an analysis technique that focuses on identifying the events to which a system must respond and then determining how the system must respond. A process in which executives try to answer key questions about the company is called ____. A class that represents a many-to-many association between two other classes is called a(n) ____ class. The term “____” is used to describe the communication between objects within a use case. Which of the following is a commonly used method of describing a process on a data flow diagram (DFD)? Which of the following can be used to describe processes that include manual and automated system activities? The modern structured analysis technique uses data flow diagrams (DFDs) and ____. Which of the following refers to the problem domain objects that are involved in the business process? Which of the following refers to the business processes that a new system must respond to? The strength of closed-ended questions is that they ____. Which of the following would you consider to be the primary resource required for a successful project?


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