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CIS 510 Midterm Exam


CIS 510 Midterm Exam Which of the following is an example of a technique used to complete specific system development activities? The purpose of the use case diagram is to identify the ____. A(n) ____ is a process or file with a data input that is never used to produce a data output. A ____ is a precise point on the project schedule that indicates a specific completion point.. An example of a project phase in a predictive project is ____. Most new information systems must communicate with other, existing systems, so the design of the method and details of these communication links must be precisely defined. These are called ____. Users are typically more involved in the project during which two phases? After investing resources in thoroughly understanding the business problem, the analyst decides that the costs of solving the problem will likely outweigh the benefits. The analyst should ____. Which of the following is a responsibility of the project manager from an external perspective? Rocky Mountain Outfitters would like to further distribute business applications across multiple locations and computer systems, reserving the data center for Web server, database, and telecommunications functions. This is an example of ____. The term “____ boundary” refers to the separation between a system and its environment. A(n) ____ diagram identifies status conditions and specifies the processes allowed. The level of analysis to use when identifying use cases is the ____. The most important difference between an intermediate use case description and a fully developed use case description would be the addition of what information? A(n) ____ in system development is a collection of guidelines that help an analyst complete a system development activity or task. A(n) _____ provides guidelines to follow for completing every activity in systems development, including specific models, tools, and techniques. Which of the following has as its mission promotion of the theory and practice of object technology in the development of distributed computing systems? The domain model class diagram is used to ____. The purpose of joint application design (JAD) is to ____. A(n) ____ includes hardware, software, inputs, outputs, data, people, and procedures. A use case diagram can be derived from a(n) ____. ____ on a systems sequence diagram means repeat or multiple messages. A process in which executives try to answer key questions about the company is called ____. ____ on a systems sequence diagram indicates a true/false condition where the message is sent if true. Which of the following is true of a team leader?


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