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CIS 510 Final Exam


CIS 510 Final Exam Office workers who use the system all day are most concerned about having an interface which ____. Data elements in a relational database are organized into ____. A ____ manages one or more information system resources or provides a well-defined service. In Scrum, the ____ maintains the product backlog list. ____ relationship(s) can be represented in a single relational database table using primary and foreign key fields. Under which of the following circumstances might a direct installation be a good choice? The domain layer focuses exclusively on the ____ classes. The development of a structure chart based on a data flow diagram (DFD) with input-process-output data flow is called ____ analysis. Which of the following is true of class-level methods? The World Wide Web is organized around the ____ metaphor. The list of required output reports is normally specified during the ____ phase. Which of the following types of contracts will most likely put most of the risk on the vendor? Which of the following is NOT an example of a technique to reduce input errors? Documents that allow the user to click on a link and to jump to a different part of the document or another document are referred to as ____. The study of end users and their interactions with computers is called ____. A(n) ____ version is a system that is incomplete but ready for some level of rigorous testing. Module ____ is a measure of the internal strength of a module. When denoting a specific object in a sequence diagram, a ____ serves as the divider between the object name and a reference variable name. ____ refers to the amount of computer support that exists for the functions that are included in the new application system. A(n) ____ is a field or set of fields stored in one table that also exists as a primary key in another table. Which company first built a computer based on the Xerox Star’s graphical user interface (GUI)? ____ describes any network over one kilometer. ____ testing examines the behavior of an entire subsystem or independent subsystem with respect to technical and user requirements. High-level design that defines the overall structure of a system is called ____ design.


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