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CIS 505 Midterm Exam


CIS 505 Midterm Exam The objective of ____ is to determine a specific value based on a predetermined discount rate. The help desk idea is primarily associated with which project activity? A(n) ____ includes hardware, software, inputs, outputs, data, people, and procedures. An example of a project phase in a predictive project is ____. A(n) ____ in system development is a collection of guidelines that help an analyst complete a system development activity or task. The primary objective of the analysis phase is to ____. The first step of a(n) ____ is to estimate the anticipated development and operational costs. ____ describes a whole-part relationship between an object and its parts. Which of the following indicates the current date and percentage of work completed for each task? _____ consists of writing statements in a programming language to define what each type of object does. A(n) ____ is a bar chart that represents the tasks and activities of the project schedule. During the planning phase of the system development life cycle (SDLC), the ____ helps to define the scope of the problem. The components of an information system are the computer hardware, the computer software and the data. ____ on a systems sequence diagram indicates a true/false condition where the message is sent if true. A class diagram represents the classifications of ____. The process of understanding and specifying in detail what the information system should accomplish is called systems ____. Use cases can be organized by ____. Which of the following best describes a common reason why projects fail? A(n) ____ is a method to estimate and schedule the tasks of a project. The most important role of a systems analyst in business is ____. The ____ technique was developed to provide some guidelines for deciding what the set of programs should be, what each program should accomplish, and how the program should be organized into a hierarchy. After investing resources in thoroughly understanding the business problem, the analyst decides that the costs of solving the problem will likely outweigh the benefits. The analyst should ____. The term “____” means the process of understanding and specifying in detail what the information system should accomplish. Which of the following is a place where data is held pending future access by one or more processes? A sequence of activities within a use case that represents a unique path is called a ____.


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