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CIS 502 CIS502 CIS/502 Week 9 Chapter 12


CIS 502 Week 9 Chapter 12 Q: What term describes the processor mode used to run the system tools used by administrators seeking to make configuration changes to a machine? Q: Which one of the following storage devices is most likely to require encryption technology in order to maintain data security in a networked environment? Q: What type of memory device is usually used to contain a computer’s motherboard BIOS? Q: Which of the following prevents data from being discovered or accessed by a subject? Q: Why do operating systems need security mechanisms? Q: Which one of the following security modes does notrequire that all users have a security clearance for the highest level of information processed by the system? Q: Which one of the following devices is most susceptible to TEMPEST monitoring of its emanations? Q: What type of electrical component serves as the primary building block for dynamic RAM chips? Q: Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of service oriented architecture? Q: What type of memory is directly available to the CPU and is often part of the CPU? Q: Many PC operating systems provide functionality that enables them to support the simultaneous execution of multiple applications on single-processor systems. What term is used to describe this capability? Q: What type of memory chip allows the end user to write information to the memory only one time and then preserves that information indefinitely without the possibility of erasure? Q: Which of the following is implemented in systems to avoid a single point of failure? Q: You have three applications running on a single-core single-processor system that supports multitasking. One of those applications is a word processing program that is managing two threads simultaneously. The other two applications are using only one thread of execution. How many application threads are running on the processor at any given time? Q: What security principle helps prevent users from accessing memory spaces assigned to applications being run by other users? Q: Which security principle takes the concept of process isolation and implements it using physical controls? Q: What type of addressing scheme supplies the CPU with a location that contains the memory address of the actual operand? Q: Which type of memory chip can be erased only when it is removed from the computer and exposed to a special type of ultraviolet light? Q: In which of the following security modes can you be assured that all users have access permissions for all information processed by the system but will not necessarily need to know of all that information? Q: Which one of the following types of memory might retain information after being removed from a computer and, therefore, represent a security risk? Q: In what type of addressing scheme is the data actually supplied to the CPU as an argument to the instruction? Q: What type of federal government computing system requires that all individuals accessing the system have a need to know all of the information processed by that system? Q: Which security principle mandates that only a minimum number of operating system processes should run in supervisory mode? Q: Which of the following is an example of a covert channel? Computer Science Assignment Help, Computer Science Homework help, Computer Science Study Help, Computer Science Course Help


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