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CIS 407A Week 7 Quiz


CIS 407A Week 7 Quiz 1. (TCO 9) The database files for an ASP.NET website are stored in the _____ folder for the project. (Points : 3) 2. (TCO 9) After you set a breakpoint and run the application, the application enters _____ before it executes the statement that contains the breakpoint. (Points : 3) 3. (TCO 9) When executing a process, _________ displays useful information that you can’t get from the debugger. (Points : 3) 4. (TCO 9) To send an e-mail message, you use the Send method of the _____ class. (Points : 3) 5. (TCO 9) To add an attachment to an e-mail message object, you first need to create an _____ object. (Points : 3) 6. (TCO 9) In the code-behind file for a Web page, you can catch exceptions that occur at the _____. (Points : 3) 7. (TCO 9) To redirect HTTP errors to custom error pages, you can set up a customErrors element in the _____ file for an application. (Points : 3) 8. (TCO 9) Which statement best describes the operation of the following code? if (!IsPostBack) ddlProducts.DataBind(); (Points : 3) 9. (TCO 9) Which of the following is a benefit of statements that use the Redirect method of the HttpResponse class to send the user a new Web page named Order.aspx? (Points : 3) 10. (TCO 9) Which of the following code examples creates a client that can send e-mail to the specified SMTP server? (Points : 3)


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