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CIS 407A Week 3 Quiz


CIS 407A Week 3 Quiz 1. (TCO 3) You can use ________ to track the state of each user in the application 2. (TCO3)You can use the_________to store items that all users have in common. 3. (TCO3)You can use _________ to manage a key/value pair on the client’s computer and save for future use. 4. (TCO3)A ________ is a page on which other pages can display their content. 5. (TCO 3) The _________ control displays the pages in a directory structure. 6. (TCO3)Before you can use a navigation control, you must _______. 7. (TCO 3) The ________ control displays the navigation as menu options. 8. (TCO 3) The most common way to create application-level server variables is by 9. (TCO 3) _______ variables are maintained while the browser is opened. 10. (TCO 3) ________ values are stored in the memory of the ASP.NET process.


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