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CIS 407A Week 1 Quiz


CIS 407A Week 1 Quiz 1. (TCO1) _______web pages deliver the same HTML document content for each user. 2. (TCO 1) In order to design Web forms in Visual Studio.NET, we use the _______. 3. (TCO 1) Many of the Web server controls have a _______ 4. (TCO 1) To change the starting page for the website, ______ 5. (TCO1) What is an absolute URL? 6. (TCO1)When you bind a drop down list to a data grid,the system will _______ 7. (TCO 1) A _________ is a website that is located on your local computer . 8. (TCO 1) To test an ASP.NET website, ____ 9. (TCO1)If an uncaught exception occurs in an ASP.NET application while you are running it in Visual Studio.NET, the system will first 10. (TCO 1) In break mode, you can ______


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