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CIS/332 CIS332 CIS 332 Week 11 Quiz


CIS 332 Week 11 Quiz • Question 1 What is the technique called that you can modify the default permission assignments so that only certain users and computers receive the permissions and, consequently, the settings in the GPO? • Question 2 What versions of Windows began support of multiple local GPOs? • Question 3 Regarding Group Policy in Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista, Microsoft used the token-based administrative template (ADM) files. What did Microsoft replace ADM files with in Windows Server 2012? • Question 4 What is the proper term for associating a Group Policy to a set of AD DS objects? • Question 5 What is the order in which Windows systems receiving and process multiple GPOs. • Question 6 What is the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-in that you use to create GPOs and manage their deployment to AD DS objects? • Question 7 What policy setting enables you to specify group membership lists, allowing you to control membership in important groups, such as the local Administrators and Backup Operators groups? • Question 8 What are the three primary event logs? • Question 9 What is the simplest way to deploy a security template on several computers simultaneously? • Question 10 What are the two interfaces for creating and managing local user accounts a computer joined to the domain? • Question 11 When does Windows apply Computer Configuration policies by default? • Question 12 You create a GPO that contains computer settings, but not user settings. What can you do to quicken GPO processing? • Question 13 After deploying software by GPO using the Assigned option, where is the package made available for the user? • Question 14 Not all software on the market provides .msi support. What is your best option to use Windows Installer to assign and publish the software? • Question 15 When configuring a GPO to deploy a software package, what is the difference between assigning and publishing the application? • Question 16 When configuring software restriction policies, there are four rules that help determine the programs that can or cannot run. Select which of the following is NOT one of those rules. • Question 17 What is required to prepare applications with an approval stamp from Microsoft on its packaging, including the Certified for Windows Server 2012 logo, for Windows Installer? • Question 18 What service works with Group Policy to install, upgrade, patch, or remove software applications? • Question 19 What does a firewall protect your company against? • Question 20 You can configure the Windows Firewall to allow or block specific _________. • Question 21 Windows Firewall uses three profiles to represent the type of network to which the server is connected. What are the three profiles? • Question 22 For the Windows Firewall private profile, what type of network is expected? Question 23 By exporting the Windows Firewall policy, you have a file with a .wfw extension that contains _____. • Question 24 Windows Firewall allows an administrator to import and export firewall rules. What are the rules’ file extension? • Question 25 In the Windows Firewall With Advanced Security console, while creating a new rule, the Program page specifies whether the ______. Computer Science Assignment Help, Computer Science Homework help, Computer Science Study Help, Computer Science Course Help


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