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CIS/332 CIS332 CIS 332 Week 10 MeasureUp Posttest


CIS 332 Week 10 MeasureUp Posttest MeasureUp provides certification practice tests as well as assessments for evaluating student knowledge. Students are encouraged to use MeasureUp throughout this course (unlimited attempts) in preparation for certification readiness. Students are encouraged to review their test results including both correct and incorrect questions in attempts to understanding the rationale behind each answer (correct choices and incorrect choices). Pretest and posttest requirements for this course are highlighted below. The use of the MeasureUp tool is encouraged as supplemental support for students. (Note: Grading for this assignment is based on student participation and is not scored.) MeasureUp Week Due Title Points 1 MeasureUp 70-410 Pretest 10 10 MeasureUp 70-410 Posttest 10 Click here to access MeasureUp. Posttest Setup and Completion Instructions: • Launch the test that matches the MOAC test number appropriate for this course (70-410). • Select “Certification Mode” at the Test Options page. Click “OK” to begin the test.(Note: Read the time restrictions and additional instructions prior to starting the test.) • Upon completion of the test, a results page will be displayed with the objective percentages of the test results. This page must be emailed for the completion of this assignment. Review the submission details below. Posttest Submission Instructions: • Email the test results to your instructor and your strayer.edu email address.(Note: The PRINT option does not include the needed objective percentages) • Submit the email results into the Blackboard assignment submission link.(Note: Students may copy and paste their emailed results into the Blackboard assignment submission text editor OR submit the results as a file attachment.) Computer Science Assignment Help, Computer Science Homework help, Computer Science Study Help, Computer Science Course Help


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