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CIS/105 CIS105 CIS 105 WEEK 4 ASSIGNMENT Assignment Internet Scavenger Hunt Complete the SkillSoft® course titled, “The Information Technology Overview.” (ID indo_01_a19_bs_enus, 60 minutes) Complete the SkillSoft® course titled, “Marketing Essential: Place.” (ID mkt_01_a04_bs_enus, 60 minutes) Submit a screenshot showing your Current Course Score and Completion Status for this module. Choose a topic related to computer technology that interests you. Possible subjects can be gleaned from your text. Narrow the topic to a specific search. If you are interested in available storage devices, for example, narrow your topic to a particular item such as a USB flash drive. Write a statement in Appendix B next to Search Statementthat explains exactly what you are searching for, then complete the following steps: • Decide which keywords from your statement to use for your search. Use at least two and record them in Appendix B next to Search Keywords. • Choose three search engines from which to begin your research. • Create hyperlinks to each search engine in Appendix B. To create this hyperlink, do the following: • Access a site. • Highlight the web address in the address box. • Copy (Ctrl + C) the address. • Paste (Ctrl + V) the address into Appendix B next to Search Engine 1, 2, or 3. • Open the search engine by clicking on its URL. Insert the keywords into the appropriate box and press the Enter key. Record the number of results as well as the top three web links listed for each of your searches in Appendix B. It may be easiest to highlight, then copy and paste the corresponding URLs directly into Appendix B. • Using the same keywords, conduct two more searches each with a different search engine. • Conductanother set of searches with the same keywords, but using a Boolean search term such as and, or, or not. Note. Different search engines may use different words or symbols for the Boolean searches. You must find out how to do this with each search engine. • Note the number of results for each of your Boolean searches and record it in Appendix B. Summarize by answering the following questions in 100 to 350 words: • What are some of the advanced search options available with each search engine? • What other services beside the search engine does each site offer? • What did you like about each search engine? What did you not like? • Which of the three search engines did you find the most effective? Why? • Why do you think the use of Booleans search terms did or did not affect the number of results returned by the search engines? Complete the table in Appendix B. Computer Science Assignment Help, Computer Science Homework help, Computer Science Study Help, Computer Science Course Help


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