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Case Study labor and management conflict


ASSIGNMENT 1—————————————————————- Deliverable Length: 8-10 slides with 200-250 words of speaker notes Case Study After much labor and management conflict, this integrated managed care consortium and over 25 unions created this labor management partnership (LMP). Today, it is considered a model of union and labor partnerships for the future of labor and management relations. This collaboration involved over 90,000 workers and changed the fabric of union and management relationships. Instead of being a competitive bargaining process, it became a collaborative partnership of mutual respect to a goal of mutual gains. The collaboration resulted in improved services (increased patient satisfaction), improved financial results, and happier employees. Many are encouraging this model to become a standard for future union and management negotiations. Review the resources provided in your phase resources. Develop a PowerPoint presentation that addresses the following: Part 1 Name 1 union that was part of this partnership? Discuss what type of union (craft, industrial, general, white collar) and whether it is a federation or local union. Identify 5 key elements that made this partnership so successful. Do you think this model could be used in other organizations? Justify your answer. Part 2 The value of the partnership was the fact that both parties bargained in good faith and were able to come to agreement on all mandatory collective bargaining items. It is important to understand details of this process. Answer the following: What is good faith bargaining? Define an impasse. If labor and management comes to an impasse, does that mean that they did not engage in good faith bargaining? Justify your answer. Name 3 items that are mandatory in the collective bargaining (e.g., items that must be in the union contract). Why do you think these are mandatory items for a collective bargaining contract? Name 1 illegal item that is forbidden by law to be included in the collective bargaining process. Why do you think the law forbids bargaining around this item? Please submit your assignment. References Kaiser Permanente. (n.d.). Retrieved fromhttps://healthy.kaiserpermanente.org/html/kaiser/index.shtml Labor Management Partnership. (n.d.). Retrieved fromhttp://www.lmpartnership.org/home ———————————————————–ASSIGNMENT 2—————————————————————- 6–8 slides with speaker notes of 200–250 words per slide (excluding title and reference slides) Create a presentation that addresses the following in your analysis: Review the type of job analysis used by your organization, and determine if it is effective. Then, evaluate whether other types of analyses would work better for the type of work performed in your organization. Discuss the methods of job evaluation your organization uses, and make any recommendations for improving the validity of the data gained from this evaluation. Analyze the process used to tie job descriptions to criteria for candidate selection, paying particular attention to the validity of the correlation between job tasks and candidate criteria. Review and recommend ways to improve the compensation structure to match the strategic targets for internal and external pay equity, rates, scales, and market position. In addition, review the benefits package offered by your organization, and make recommendations that will make the benefits package more attractive to a diverse workforce and talent pool.


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