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Case Analysis :Manchester Products


Attached is the case (Manchester Products) and I have also attached the Chapter from the book and an article that should help in analyzing the case. You need to apply the concepts in chapter and article on the case. The questions that you should answer for the analysis are: 1. How would you characterize the household furniture industry? 2. What are the benefits and risks associated with the acquisition of PLFD? 3. What are the marketing problems raised by brand transition? 4. Which of three brand transition options outlined in the case (or, a fourth that you would develop) should Adams recommend? 5. Compare the marketing budgets for MH and PLFD (Exhibits 5 and 6). What differences do you observe in the allocations of push vs. Pull expenditures. 6. Do you agree with Adams budget estimates and allocations? 7. Calculate 2005 sales needed to break even to make up for the incremental marketing spend in 2005 vs. 2004. What sales are needed to break even if 2004 PLFD push expense allocations are maintained? 8. What recommendations would you make to Manchester management for 2005 promotions and advertising? Also, it is very important to apply the Brand Positioning Process Steps (you will find details about it in the chapter page 206) on the case.


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