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CASE ANALYSIS Infosys: Strategic Human Resource Management


Project Overview You will read the Harvard Business School case study, Infosys (A): Strategic Human Resource Management, and complete and analysis of the case using the questions provided here. To effectively answer the case study questions, you will need to draw on the content covered in this course to-date as well as you own experiences and opinions. You will also need to complete your own research to uncover additional information. Your case analysis should be at least three pages This case-study must be purchased from the RIT Bookstore (Barnes & Nobel, just off campus) Case Analysis 1. What is off-shoring? What are some financial risks and benefits of this model? (2 points) 2. What were some of the challenges Infosys faced to “moving up the value chain”? (2 points) 3. What is brand equity and why was it so important for Infosys to improve theirs? (2 points) 4. What were some of the strategies Infosys used to achieve Employer of Choice status? (2 points) 5. Why did employee satisfaction at Infosys drop during their period of explosive financial growth? (2 points) 6. What are the potential financial implications of declining employee satisfaction? (4 points) 7. Select one of the strategies Infosys employed after the year 2000 (managing portfolio diversity, variable pay, broad-banding, or promotion policy) and describe one way HR could support successful implementation of the strategy. Be specific and detailed in your response. (6 points)


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