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BUSN/319 BUSN319 BUSN 319 Week 2 Quiz


BUSN 319 Week 2 Quiz Question 1: Profit is Question 2. The corporate level in an organization is where Question 3: (TCO 1) Although there are several different groups of stakeholders that are likely to read a business or a marketing plan, which group will be most critical of the document? . Question 4: The social forces of the environment include the _____ of the population and its values. Changes in these forces can have a dramatic impact on marketing strategy. Question 5: Medication sensors have been developed that can dispense medicines by circulating within the arteries of the body and sensing when the medication is needed. This is an example of how _____ help(s) to improve or replace existing products and companies. Question 6: _____ is a form of competition in which every company has a similar product. Question 7: Seven of the most commonly used organizational buying criteria are (1) _____, (2) ability to meet the quality specifications required for the item, (3) ability to meet required delivery schedules, (4) technical capability, (5) warranties and claim policies in the event of poor performance, (6) past performance on previous contracts, and (7) production facilities and capacity.


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