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Business Requirements Document


Business Requirements Document (READ DETAILS) In order to complete this assignment, user must be an expert in the financial services industry and know how markets performance charts and aggregation of accounts work. User must also know what data elements would be needed to aggregate outside accounts into a system. (IT Savy) The key point of this assignment is to take the information the professor has given and create professional requirement’s to present to the Managing Partner to further push the transition of XYZ company into the QLL system. BRD FOR XYZ Legend: Hammer – Where data is pulled and pushed from for client accounts which includes benchmarks for investment models, and real time performance of holdings in a portfolio XYZ – robot advisor that uses algorithms of holdings details and clients retirement goals TRANSACTION ID – unique identifier from cc portal QLL – Firm investing and funding project QUICKLINK – A web service that aggregates clients outside accounts (example Credit cards, loans, insurance, investment accounts ect) Background: This document/project is to successfully use and pull key features from XYZ (company invested by QLL) to further improve CC portal (client service for aggregated accounts) . Furthermore, successful aggregations of clients internal and external investment accounts and how it is displayed to the client is a critical component for the transition to succeed. Assumptions 1) XYZ to open frame that will house HAMMER Quicklink: a. XYZ will be available through CC and next to CC. All data for CC and XYZ will come from HAMMER. 2) Data to flow from Hammer to XYZ, and XYZ would have to tie QLL client to HAMMER profile using existing Transaction ID approach a. The clients Transaction ID would have to tied and carried over to the XYZ log on screen and internal accounts automatically synced to XYZ profile. 3) Users will continue to be able to aggregate all account types via Quicklink, although only investment accounts will be displayed on XYZ 4) Ensure clear for user that XYZ only supports investment accounts 5) Data from HAMMER is as good as XYZ’s data for the 67 sites XYZ currently has aggregates 6) User able to add all outside account types using Quicklink 7) Data to flow between XYZ and CC a. Data for client accounts to be in sync with CC and XYZ. 8) User(s) who has not enrolled in CC will be shown appropriate terms and conditions 9) Appropriate handling of outside accounts when necessary aggregated data elements are missing Dependencies 1) Legal to approve XYZ can open frame that will house HAMMER Quicklink 2) Legal to approve how many terms and conditions to display to the client 3) Legal to provide updated CC terms and conditions 4) Legal to confirm if existing CC users need to re-consent, since there might be changes to the terms and conditions 5) Legal to provide updated CC disclosures (if necessary) 6) XYZ to confirm they can show data for investment institutions that XYZ currently does not aggregate (this is because HAMMER has access to ~3,240 investment sites, compared to XYZ’s ~70) 7) IT to identify if user is adding accounts from: (1) CC home page vs (2) XYZ Intelligent Portfolios vs (3) CC 8) HAMMER to add 4 sites XYZ aggregates, that HAMMER currently does not support — 9) HAMMER to confirm they aggregate all necessary data elements from the sites XYZ currently aggregates 10) CC extensions to show new accounts added/edited through XYZ Business Function 1 – Data elements needed for account aggregation Function Business Requirement Functional Responsibility MVP Target System XYZ QLL Sub-function 1 Y Y Sub-function 2 Y Y Sub-function 3 Y Sub-function 4 Sub-function 5 Business Function 2 – User navigation from CC – XYZ Function Business Requirement Functional Responsibility MVP System Enhancement SigFig QLL S


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