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Business Presentation


Original Work – I have attached the previous weeks presentations to help with the upcoming assignment due THIS Sunday morning. (2 days from now) I need help with the Performance product Foam going forward. I already have some decisions made so I need help with PowerPoint slides for that product. I have attached a template for the PowerPoint slides (presentation 3). I need slides for the Foam Product (R&D, Marketing, Production), as well as a paragraph on the Outcomes and Strategy Adjustments slides. Use the attached final presentations for Phase 1 or 2 this should help guide you on what we’re doing. Please-Please-Please contact me if you don’t understand or end up not wanting to do this. Do not say yes will do and then wait days later for clarification!!! I need someone who can help me. I have attached presentations that will help you in what is expected and the latest capstone courier with results.


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