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Business Plan Starbucks Corp.


Final Project A business plan is simply a plan looking ahead for an organization. Inside of plan includes allocating resources, the focus points of an organization and a preparation for problems and opportunities. Chose an organization which is widely known or on start up idea you have and write a 5-7 page Business Plan. Your plan will outline the following: • Executive summary – mission, vision and goals of the organization • Company overview – Company history and summary of locations or if a start up provide an overview of how the idea came to be and the need for the new organization • Products and services – Product list and service description, outline the competition in the market, any technology which will or can be used and future products or services • Market analysis & plan – Market segment the organization competing in (ex. Starbucks is in the specialty coffee market, but recently expanding in to a fast casual dining experience with the offering of sandwiches, etc), explain the value the product or service brings to the market and any marketing campaigning which meets the market’s needs. • Management – Organizational structure and how many employees organization has • Financial Statement – if an existing organization research if the organization has had a profit and explain from what you know above, why or why not, if start up explain all the costs associating with getting starting and how quickly you will have a profit, further how long before you can pay off your start up costs • SWOT Analysis – Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of the organization. • Conclusion


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