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Business Plan -only for synco_solutions


Business Plan -only for synco_solutions Part 1 Identify your key advantages over the other competitors and alternatives in your market. Do you have the lowest price in a market where all of the solutions are basically the same? If not, why should customers choose your solution? Is it better somehow — easier, faster, better tasting, longer lasting, more conveniently located, backed by better customer service? Or is it a specialized solution that is better for a particular group of customers? Part 2 Describe the key problem or unmet need that you will address for your customers. If you have a common business, such as a restaurant or nail salon, explain why your customers need your particular restaurant or nail salon. Do you offer lower prices? More convenient hours? A better location? A specialty that is not otherwise available in your area, such as a Moroccan restaurant or a late-night taco truck?


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