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Choose one of the following four positions to critically evaluate, drawing from philosophical, sociological AND psychological perspectives. 1. Businesses are social institutions because trade is a social act, affecting people and society 2. Businesses have no moral obligations as they are not individuals capable of responding to moral ideas 3. Businesses should not be bailed out by governments in a free market economy 4. Businesses have contributed to the welfare of people and society through increased division of labour. EXPECTATION Explore the concepts stated above, state your aims, define terms and parameters clearly. Marks will be given for synthesizing theoretical perspectives and citing relevant scholars within the fields of philosophy, sociology and psychology, to critically evaluate the stated positions. Evidence your understanding of the terms and concepts of the course overall and the statements above specifically, to demonstrate critical analysis of the statements, and of common assumptions about business. Critically evaluate contributions to the understanding of business by the fields of philosophy, sociology and psychology. A personal perspective may be included if it adds value to the argument(s) developed or ideas explored. The responses should be well presented, coherent and clear throughout, with explicit associations made between any source material and the argument(s) being developed. Assertions should be well qualified, evidenced or justified, and the responses should be free of any assumptions or generalisations, thus demonstrating critical enquiry about fundamental notions of business. Specific examples should be included where appropriate, and references should be cross referenced where possible. Language should be suitably restrained and academic. The responses should be well structured and include an introduction which clearly states intent, an exploration, development, elimination, clarification and distillation of their arguments, a conclusion which ties together the ideas and argument presented as well as evaluating the opening intent and inclusion of ideas for how you could improve (this could be through methodology, exploring different source material or a different angle, etc). An electronic copy sent to j.alarcon@faculty.uese.es as well as to the university email address (ugassignments@uese.es) and you need to submit on www.turnitin.com


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