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Business Management Homework



Arvo Lake, a retired 71-year-old man, bought an air conditioner in May. The unit was installed and operated according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Unbeknownst to Lake, the unit contained a hole in the refrigeration system that allowed Freon, the coolant, to escape from the unit. By August, the unit had ceased cooling, and Lake’s residence reached a temperature of at least 96 degrees Fahrenheit. The heat caused Lake to suffer from hyperthermia, which caused circulatory failure and then death. The executor of Lake’s Estate sued the manufacturer of the air conditioner for damages resulting from breach of warranty. For first post, identify and explain the elements of a different intentional tort. What is being protected? What element of the tort indicates that ity is an intentional tort? What is it that must be “intended” for this tort to occur? For second post, using negligence, how would the manufacturer be liable? Would any other person or entity be arguably liable under this theory? Why?


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