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Business management homework help


a short reflective essay that examines the mission of the College and your written communication skills. The instructions to complete this assignment are as follows: The short essay must be written in an appropriate business format, single-spaced, 12-point font, 1-inch margins, page numbers, with a minimum of 2 pages in length. Appropriate headers should be used and the paper should include a cover page with your name, concentration and student ID number. NOTE: The final essay should be attached in either Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) or Adobe PDF format – do not use the Blackboard text submission feature. Save the file with the following naming convention: LastName_StudentID_Comp2 (Example: Smith_004999100_Comp2). To write the essay, use the following prompt: The CBPA Mission Statement reads: “The Mission of the College of Business and Public Administration at California State University San Bernardino is to create a student-centered learning community that prepares students to become productive members in business, government, and global society. We provide quality undergraduate and graduate programs that positively affect students’ development as professionals. We place priority on excellence in teaching that is enhanced by the commitment of faculty to continuing professional development, intellectual contributions and service. The faculty’s intellectual contributions will primarily be a mix of applied research or contributions to practice and learning or pedagogical research. We serve a culturally and globally diverse student body by preparing the student to deal with a changing and diverse environment. Through community service, partnerships and initiatives, the College serves as an intermediary for the exchange of knowledge and expertise between the University, the regional community, and the larger world.” After careful consideration, how has your experience either met or failed to meet the mission of the college? How have your studies as a business student embodied the statement? Your response is organic to you and we welcome your honest feedback. Some areas to consider, but are in no way required are your classes, job prospects, learning, diversity, ethics, faculty, staff, accommodations, or the physical environment.


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