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Business management homework help


Based on the progressive case study (PCS) you will develop a project planning tool that will assist you throughout this project in completing your office project. There is a strong likelihood that you are using subcontractors for some or all of the work. If so,discuss and address this aspect of how you will manage, maintain, and coordinate the services being provided by subcontractors. If you are taking on the task without subcontractors, discuss and develop a tool that will allow you to effectively plan and coordinate the project. Note: You may choose to use a tool that you have used previously. You may choose to develop something new and innovative. This discussion is an opportunity to discuss, develop and learn from each other the possible alternatives in project planning tools available today for project managers. The initial post will contain your project planning tool and a discussion on how you plan to use it in managing your project. Please describe and explain how the tool can be used.


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