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Business management homework help


Final Exam-SM 1.What is strategic management? Why should all managers at all levels of the organization be involved in the strategic management planning process? 2. What is an environmentally aware culture? Why should health care organizations work to create an environmentally aware culture? 3. What is a SWOT analysis? What is the importance of the SWOT analysis in planning strategy for a health care organization? 4. What is the importance of understanding culture in creation of health care planning? 5. What is the importance and relationship of values to planning health care strategy? 6. What is the meaning of the term value chain and how does this relate to the health care environment? 7. Describe the relationship of inbound and outbound logistics to strategic planning in the health care industry. 8. It is important for managers and leaders in the health care industry to be transactional and transformational. Describe the meaning of these terms. 9. Strategic planning is the ultimate responsibility of leaders at the top of the organization. However, it is said that managers and knowledge workers from around the organization should have input into and participation in the strategic management planning process. Why is that? 10. What is a functional level manager? What are the differences in responsibilities between functional level managers and top leaders in the organization?


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