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Business Management Homework Help


Business Management Homework Help Wendy Only Capstone Project Reflection Since interdisciplinary research is a recursive process, you have been encouraged to revisit and refine every step toward creating your Capstone Project. Likewise, it is an important phase of the Capstone process to reflect upon how your Project was improved through thoughtful revisions. The Week 6 Reflection offers you an opportunity to create a refined and deeper interdisciplinary understanding to your topic. Questions about this assignment? Post them in the Contact the Instructor area. That way, everyone in the class will see and benefit from the instructor’s response. To prepare for this Reflection: Consider how you would revisit your initial thought process when you completed your assignments in week 1 through 5. Reflect on your experiences when determining your theme. Consider the disciplinary perspectives you investigated to establish your problem statement or focus question: What insights did you uncover about your topic? What was the most valuable aspect of conducting a literature search from an interdisciplinary perspective? What was the most challenging part of the literature search and why? How would you refine your work? The assignment: Write a 1- to 2-page paper summarizing your evolving experiences of performing the literature review for the Capstone Project. Include answers to the following questions: Are there any positive social change implications to your research on this topic? Did you have an “Ah ha!” moment in your capstone process? Please describe any new knowledge that you acquired. How has your understand of the topic evolved as your research developed? What brought about the changes?


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