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Business Management Homework Help


Business Management Homework Help Press Releases critique Locate an example of a press release when your company announced good news, such as a new product, notable executive hire, expansion, strong financial results, or an industry award.Any professional releases. Analyze the release using the bullets below as your guide. Write about one bullet from each key section. You are not changing the news release, you are commenting/critiquing the finished product on what was done well, and what wasn’t. This paper should be 1-2 pages, carefully crafted and edited to demonstrate your critical eye for clear, clean writing and heightened awareness of content and tone. Start with a main idea (begin with the end in mind) Be clear and concise Identify the single most important message before you start writing Provide necessary details and explanation Explain your point completely to eliminate any confusion or lingering doubts Maintain a supportive tone throughout Embed negative statements in positive context or balance them with positive alternatives Talk favorably about the choices the customer has made End with a courteous close Let your readers know you have their potential wellbeing in mind If further action is required, tell the readers how to proceed and encourage them to act promptly Be mindful of the 3 step writing process we learned earlier (below). Did they follow the process “guidelines”? Include your thoughts… 1. Plan Analyze the situation Gather information Select the right medium Organize the Information 2. Write Adapt to your audience – sensitivity, “you” attitude, politeness, positive emphasis, and bias-free language Compose the message – respectful and businesslike, plain English and appropriate voice/tense and punctuation 3. Complete Revise the message Produce the message Proofread the message Distribute the message


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