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Business Management Homework Help


Business Management Homework Help Business ***PLEASE FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS. ANSWER THE SIX QUESTIONS. 300 WORDS, CITATIONS, AND REFERENCES.*** Objective: In this assessment, our intent is to help you think about goal setting as it relates to your academic, personal, and professional life. Thinking about goals in your own life makes it easier to understand and discuss goals and objectives in organizational settings. The questions ask you to focus on basic aspects of goal-setting processes. Directions: List at least one goal (but do not restrict yourself to one) that you have in each of the following four categories. 1. Personal relationships 2. Academic/scholastic accomplishments 3. Career/job interests 4. Your financial future Questions: 1. Are these goals consistent with your story/vision from the Practice segment in Developing and Communicating a Vision? Why or why not? If not, what changes might you make to create better alignment? 2. How do you know that your goals will bring you closer to the realization of your personal vision? 3. How difficult and challenging are each of your goals? Rate each one. 4. Do the various goals support and complement one another, or might there be some potential conflict and competition among some of the goals? What modifications might be appropriate? 5. How will you measure progress and success on each of the various goals? How will you know that you have achieved each goal? 6. How would you go about resolving any questions, inconsistencies, or problems you have, based on your answers to the questions above?


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