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Business management homework help


1. Does the resume contain the necessary features for the position (name/address, position desired, education, work experience, achievements, relevant personal information, and references)? 2. Does the resume contain only essential, relevant information for the position desired? 3. Does the resume emphasize applicant’s strengths? 4. Does the resume emphasize what is unique about this person’s experience? Does it demonstrate a common interest or ability (leadership, teaching experience, dedication, creativity, etc.)? 5. What additional information might you like to have about this applicant? 6. If you were leading an interview based on this resume, what are two questions you might ask? 7. Does the resume look neat and is easy to read (appropriate spacing, clear headings, good quality paper)? 8. Is the information presented as concisely as possible? 9. Are the elements of each section of the resume presented in a parallel format and style (begin w/ active verbs, put date in consistent place, use of parallelism of elements, consistent underlining or italics)? 10. Provide feedback to your peer about his/her resume. Part B: Analysis and Application Once you have reviewed the resume and provided a peer review, assume the role of hiring manager at the hypothetical company to which your peer has applied. 1. Discuss how you would analyze the resume as a potential fit within your organization. 2. Include in your analysis three questions you would ask the candidate during an interview


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