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Business management homework help


ision Statement Does your team have a vision statement? What is it? Ask the different members of the team, what the vision statement (or vision) for the team is. What results do you get? How does the leader communicate the vision? Is it effective? What action steps could improve communication of the team vision? Alignment What evidence do you see that team members are or are not aligned to the team vision, mission, goals, and values? Do individual team members possess goals or values that compete with or hinder attainment of the team vision or goals? What action steps could improve team member’s alignment? Paradigms How would you describe the leaders’ paradigm? Consider how he or she treats employees or followers. Does the leader demonstrate confidence, trust, or respect? Has the leader ever demonstrated a paradigm shift? If so, what seems to have caused it? How did it affect the team? If not, what paradigm shift should the leader make?


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